Blogger award - AKS me anything

Im so sorry for the delay on this post, but i guess is better later than never! 
I have recieved some " blogger awards " by some fellow bloggers, so thank you Martha, Carmen and Duapara for this lovely gift. 

I love sunsets / Me encantan las puestas de sol 

I would love to have my own vegetable garden / Me gustaría tener mi propio huerto

I went to acting school / Estuve en la escuela de actuación

I enjoy watching the life process of nature / Disfruto observando el proceso de vida de la naturaleza

This was our car when we were living at Mexico City 
 Este era nuestro coche cuando vivíamos en la Ciudad de México

Markets and thrift stores are Disneyland to me 
Los mercadillos y las tiendas de segunda mano son como Disneyland para mi.

Now you can ask me anything on Tumblr even anonymous  
Ahora puedes preguntarme lo que quieras a través de  Tumblr, incluso de forma anónima.

As part of this award I have nominate 10 more blogs to do the same! But I have chosen 12
So here we go :) 

Have a great weekend!! 

15 comentarios:

Anoushka dijo...

@AMINTA : My Pleasure !: )

mongs dijo...

You did your blog award post so beautifully, comes with pictures too, Thank you so much for the lovely award! You're so kind! I will try to do a post asap. I'm so late with so many requests! Oh dear.  


Marta dijo...

Gracias por mencionarme, en lo que a mi respecta tu es mucho más que merecido.
Tu blog y tú sois de lo mejor, sino lo mejor...

Costin Moraru dijo...

i love that car, it's so awesome! thanks so much for thinking about my blog, it means a lot! :)
Costin M.

Vanessa, Take only Memories dijo...

How exciting! Thanks so much! And thanks for pointing out the mistake in my signature! I've only been doing it like this for the past 4 months...oh dear...anyway...I went to acting school, too. Yay! Where did you go?

Mariana Glez dijo...

Muchas gracias bonita por nominarme :)
Un beso enorme se aprecia,lo que haces.
Y por supesto ya sabes que te adoro.
que estés muy bien. ||

amintasfashion dijo...

Costing I want to interview you for an online magazine for Sep. Issue please email me asap to thevintageshopdf@gmail.com

Harriet_gunner dijo...

Thank you so much for giving me the award! What do I have to do now?? I have been given awards before but I never got round to following them up :( xx

Sol Sia dijo...

thank you so so much hun! :) kisses

Claudia Paola dijo...

Aminta muchas gracias!!! But I must admit, my favorite part about these posts is reading about the other blogger! x

amintasfashion dijo...

I know what you mean! I put together 3 "awards" in this post as I appreciate the fact that other bloggers think of me.... You are supposed to say who gave it you, share 7 things about yourself I haven´t said before and then mention other bloggers... is like a sharing game!
Is ok if you don´t feel like doing it ! I really understand :) ... Kisses dear!

amintasfashion dijo...

That´s my fav. part too!! This is the second time I do it... I appreciate this sharing gesture from others...I have to confess that I wasn´t sure of doing it at the very beginning, but why not? ....

amintasfashion dijo...

I loved it !!But could bring it to Spain : (

amintasfashion dijo...

Yay!! I knew we have many things in common ... I studied in London and Mexico city!! few months :) About the mistake, I always have hundred of them and never noticed !!

amintasfashion dijo...

Y yo a ti Mariana !!!! Muuuuuuua