Good bye 2010 ... thanks for so many things :)  Happy Holidays to all of you :) 

Peace, LOVE, joy.

oxfords: Blanco / vintage skirt  & belt / C&A headpiece / blouse  Ann Tylor.

Good bye on flowers...

Im so excited!

For the very first time Im on chictopias front page :) Im SO happy about that ! Thanks to everyone for watching , comment and support.


The last purposes from the year were acomplished this week, traveling, family meetings and many projects ready for 2011 :)  Im so happy because this, was one of the most productive years I reached my goals and Im going for more.

This pictures were taken in Salamanca, Spain.

Thanks to everyone for your support amintas fashion has had more than 4,000 visitors in 75 days.

Coimbra, Portugal

What a magnificent place, I specially fell in love with the river side it was so relaxing  just to sit , watch, breath fresh air,  in one word ENJOY the moment, you have to go and visit.

It has been a long day, sorry the short post but Im so tireeeeeeeeeed ZZzzzzz....

image copyright / photos by Aminta - Carascal & Paiz photo

Vintage sweater / zara tights / 7leguas boots / 50s army hat


Creative Footwear!

I was reading a magazine and I found an amazing article about creative footwear and had to look for it on the web, the artist is called Kovi Levi, graduated from Bezalel academy of art & design, Jerusalem 2001, is Specialized  in footwear design and development/making. Visit his blog here and get to know more of his work. 

Well done! I would like to have a pair of those for sure :) 



Im totally AMAZED with this place is so romantic and historical in every inch :) even raining and with cold weather Oporto is such a lovely place where I will definitly come back.  I guess images says more than thousand words. 

Photos by Carrascal & Paiz Photo
images copyright

Blanco coat & Belt / vintage cardigan and skirt.


From the sky...

It was a very cold and exciting day! I went to vist a couple of castles from Spain, and the view from up high is indescribable its a place surrounded of nature, history and art.
I have a few photos to share today :) hope you like the place as much as I do.

vintage cardigan / blanco coat & scarf / 7leguas boots.

Pink + polka dots

I have to confess I was FREEZING today, it was very cold to wear this blouse i guess but I wanted to try this mix and I ended up happy with the result. 

Blanco socks and coat  / guess jeans / vintage blouse / coolwear shoes / DIY bow tie.


Christmas Night!!

I had a lovely family dinner, we had fun and ate amazing food.
I was looking for something to wear ( I didn´t plan it before) so I was running all over my house changing clothes every minute, finally i decided to wear my new cape that looks like a poncho, I LOVE the color, the texture and how warm it is, so it was a good option....

Is not working...

So sad :( I cannot upload pictures... something is wrong with my laptop ! I will try to update my blog later, I want to show show a couple of pictures. How was your christmas night?

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Happy Holidays!!

I can´t believe it!! Its already december 24th :) there is joy, love, lights, presents, hugs, and smiles everywhere, hope you are having fun and sharing some love with family or friends, I went shopping this week and I will be shopping today again jejeje .
Tonight family dinner , if I do something else I will take pictures for sure to show you. 

Im wearing a vintage blouse from the 70s, by the moment I got it I immediately thought  of twiggy, this is an inspired look on her. 


Dancing under the rain

As I promise yesterday, here I am :) .

Today was a very productive day I got many pending things done, went for some christmas shopping ( thats great) and make few photos of todays outfit.
Im enjoying the idea of mixing textures and colors that are usually worn on spring or summer I think it gives a bit of COLOUR to the winter, what do you think?
Can´t wait for christamas night !!

The skirt feels like paper when you touch it!

vintage hat & skirt / bershka blouse / ebay boots / pull&bear jacket