Christmas wish list!!

Im so happy because December is finally here! 2010 has been an amazing year , full of work, new projects, and happiness :) now its ending and my life keep moving ... I have a very small wish list, I want for sure SHOES ! With all the moving plans I get  rid of many them and I need them back! They were all the summer ones , as soon as the SALE starts i will go shopping ( or even before the sale :S ) . 

Yes! I know there are only 3 days missing to the D day!... Can´t wait!!.... 

About the wish list , I don´t have to say how much I love tights ( is an addiction actually) .
This new year I will take amazing pictures, you will see... and will start doing my own clothes & redesign vintage stuff , this idea comes from necessity as Im a petite woman  almost nothing fits me at the stores.
Hope I could help another girls like me with this project, also my designs will be on sale on 2011 :).
See you around !! :)

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