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Now you know what I have been doing the last week , its been hard work, hope you like it! If not feel free to tell me so I can do it better :) 


On the COVER!!

We are on Mode´s Republic Cover!! Isn´t that amazing ? Thanks to all of you who voted for my picture.
I keep working so hard on my site hopefully it would be online during the weekend, can´t wait to know what do you think about it and of course for you to shop one of the bunch of lovely things on my shop.

See you around !!


working, working and more working

Oh God! I havent stop for the last tree days I have been almost in pijamas working in front of my computer or at the back of my camera..... My own online shop will be ready tonight ( I hope) so you can start making your wishlist and getting ready to shop :) yei....

I dont even know how to sit anymore my ass is getting chair form, I move from one side to the other, put my feet under my legs, get a pillow for my back, take it off, put it back again.... and so on , I see the sunshine coming and leaving from my window and I keep working on this... I guess I will go out for a while or my little dog will take my house down.

As in my school used to say! It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop, is actually one of Confucius Quotes. 


- 4 degrees!

Oh yes!! - 4 degress and it will get worst in the next weeks, but Im kind of enjoying it, and the question is : How to stay warm with this weather? Is there any advice? What I do is to wear layers and layers of clothes,
leg warmers, gloves, hats, scarves, look for a sun ray ( if you are lucky) , the best thing of it is when you enter anywhere and the heater is on, there you start taking the layers off  is like a never end game. 
If you can stay home on these freezing days thats the best thing you can do.

Mango coat / tommy Hilfiger wedges/ BLANCO bag / gift hat


Viktor & Rolf - Inspiration

Absolutly amazing!! I couldn´t passed the name of these guys when I first saw their work on a fashion magazine.  I went through the internet to make a research of them and I completely fell in love with their stylish, glamorous and surrealistic work. Here you have some pictures of their spring / summer collection 2010. Viktor & Rolf really inspire me.

Images via Refinery 29


Go to hypeed and vote

Pop up color on winter days!!

Yellow, Purple & green + deep blue dress = Yei look for everyday.

Winner !!

I have great news to tell you! Yesterday I got an emal from MODE REPUBLIC team, to announced me that Im the 1st runner up on the Holiday Outfit Contest , I uploaded one of pictures I have taken as photographer, I shared them to you in another post, you can see it here.

I have never win anything ( don´t tell anyone please) so Im even more excited about it!!! 

Thanks to MODE REPUBLIC team and to everyone who voted for me.


Lucky me!

I have some exciting news to tell you! Yesterday I started my fashion design lessons, well I always think big, its actually a course where Im supposed to learn how to use a sewing machine, create my own designs and patterns ... to be the first day I learned a lot! So stay around :) I started already my  2011 Spring Summer Collection !!

I forget to tell you that lately I have been wearing my T-shirts backwards, is more comfy you should try one day. 

Mix & Match


I love Vintage

I have always been into vintage " style" I found this pictures in my sea of images and is one of my favorits, hope you like it as much as I do.

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Is anybody there??

Hi people!!  I want to really thank to all my readers, the last week we passed over the 5,000 views into my blog, feel free to drop me a line with your comments, suggestions, jokes or just to say hello :)

Remember to add us on the different communities or social networks.

Lulabi by RELOADED

The SS011 collection of two mexican designers and sisters , Paulina & Cristina Castro with their own brand since 2009 called : RELOADED

Lulabi is the magic place where everything is possible, where you can feel free and make your dreams come true. Have a look to this sweet & romantic collection. Available in Mexico .

images via entourage.com

Vintage + floral prints + bows

Thats so me ! Vintage, floral prints, bows ( big or small ) , tights ( any color & print) . Yesterday was freezing cold outside but I wanted to wear this vintage dress, it has a particular style and fits me perfectly ( thats rare) I know it is for summer but with a little help you can wear it on winter too.


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Staying indoors sometimes is good to organize your messy stuff, cleaning up and after a hard working day lay on a sofa with your beloved couple, a hot chocolate and a great movie.

What are you doing this Sunday?? ...


Oversized vintage pants!

Today I went to a family lunch! we were like 35 people in the room, there were many stories to tell it was the great grandma  87th birthday :) so you can imagine that! Brothers, sisters, grandchildren, love and a LOT of food , yes! I think I wont eat again in a week ( joking ) .
Hope you are having a great weekend too, don´t eat too much ( you will regret it )

wearing vintage pants / random socks / mexx blouse / gift rabbit fur vest / zara cardigan 
 vintage scarf as headband

Kind of busy

This week is going to be the beginning of new things and the end of others, sorry if  I get lost for a while but sometimes is necessary to rebirth, I know you know what I mean.
See you soon!!


Cafe de la imprenta!

Yesterday I had coffee at a very special place in Aranda de Duero, its called " Cafe de la Imprenta" have a look to the decoration & lightening, isn´t it special?

see you around!!


Fur, Fun and Love

I opted today for white fake fur perfect for winter !! I got it on sale this week I think its a great piece to have :) it will be useful for many more looks.  
I have been today at Aranda de Duero a small city in the province of Burgos, Spain. 

I had so much fun today! thanks to my lovely husband for taking the pictures :) muuua....

Blanco fake fur vest / GAP denim jacket / American Apparel skirt / ebay boots / seeberger hat 


This week I registered my blog on Mode Republic and Im happily on the TOP looks of the week. Thanks for your votes :)

Visit mode republic and vote for your favorit looks and if you feel like shopping you can buy it!! 


Silk grandpa shirt

I havent tell you how much I enjoy messing up old wardrobes and finding new pieces with that vintage magic... Today I was wearing this silk old shirt its green olive color is just amazing.
You can meet my little dog... she was around and it was impossible to take her out of the room. 

grandpa silk vintage shirt  / Blanco mirror necklace / Lefties belt / marypaz shoes /
 vintage bow pin on a handmade necklace .


No words to say and to much on mind

Its been a month and a half in Spain and for me it seems to be like years, adventures, experiences and upcoming plans. Is not always easy to change habits, food, friends, job, house and so many things in such a little time, but is all about ACTION to make everything work, find your path and grow following your heart leaded by your mind.

Seeberger hat / american apparel dress / zara shoes / vintage cardigan / BLANCO mirror necklace