Magic Kings day!!

Magic Kings Day, what a lovely tradition!
I dont know If you have heard about it... it was the first time I lived it and it was so exciting :)

The tradition goes like this:  On December kids write a letter to the kings where they ask for presents ( because they have been good kids) , On the night of January 5th everyone is meant to leave the shoes in the livingroom, so the kings could know where to leave the presents and dont make mistakes, on the morning of January 6th adults and kids wake up very early to find out what the kings brought them.

Then of course you have breakfast  yumm yumm ! the famous " roscon de reyes" or kings cake , it has small presents inside and is exciting to find it in your own piece.

I got form the kings what I asked for : my sewign machine :) so you will see my first creations very soon.

photo via /paco-checa.blogspot.com

The celabration is not over! Now ... time to eat ( again) 

Is Spain you eat good for sure :) yum!! 

Enjoy your 2011

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