working, working and more working

Oh God! I havent stop for the last tree days I have been almost in pijamas working in front of my computer or at the back of my camera..... My own online shop will be ready tonight ( I hope) so you can start making your wishlist and getting ready to shop :) yei....

I dont even know how to sit anymore my ass is getting chair form, I move from one side to the other, put my feet under my legs, get a pillow for my back, take it off, put it back again.... and so on , I see the sunshine coming and leaving from my window and I keep working on this... I guess I will go out for a while or my little dog will take my house down.

As in my school used to say! It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop, is actually one of Confucius Quotes. 

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