Packing up!!

GOD I can´t believe it!!  in just 6 days I will be living in another country, new city, new friends, new stories to tell you guys. I have packed everything, can you imagine that? I had to left so many things behind, clothes, shoes, accesories, decoration, uff! hard decition to make as I love everything, but if I take it with me on the plain it would be very expensive, anyway I have to move on and think positive :) for sure I will find new stuff in Spain, cant wait to go shopping!!

 My closet now is empty :(

Express blouse / miley Cyrus jumpsuit / vintage belt / coolwear shoes/ DIY headpiece

DIY tights and mustard!

I got the idea of DIY ( do it yourself) tights from the Haute Pursuit another blogger,
she did an amazing work with miu miu print on black tights, i made a free design on mine.

What you need : Tights, clear nail polish, acrylic painting, brushes and a LOT of patience :)

1. Put your tights on
2. Choose the colors and start painting ( get any pattern to follow or use your imagination)
3. Once the paint is dry put the nail polish on top to make sure your ART wont get out when you wash it

I like all the pictures!!I so happy with my tights :)  try to do your own project and send it to me,
 I will be happy to share it . 

Jumpsuit: AREA CODE / blouse: gift  /DIY tights / the Tommy Shoes you know.


Me & Myself...

As I walk around I can feel the christmas closer and closer... lights, christmas trees,  or the famous " picture with Santa Claus ", people shopping ( that´s nice) , families together, love that vibe. d
As you know last week was my birthday and my friend Edel gave me this scarf and gloves  i really like them, I promissed her to make a look with it and post it. Thank you Edel!! 

Scarf & gloves : gift / dress : american apparel / boots: Zara / hat: Bershka / cardigan: FANG


Umbrella Fabric!

Yes your read that! Umbrella fabric ,I got this jumpsuit on my birthday from a vintage shop, the fabric is soft and warm and when you touch it it´s like an umbrella fabric ( i will go dance under the rain to see if it´s waterproof)
I dont know what the style of it is, looks like mechanic costume but I LOVE IT! ...

wearing my VOGUE boots / vintage belt, scarf & jumpsuit
 Hype on LOOKBOOK 


 I made some photos for the GAP contest on lookbook.nu, I was about  the skinny or the Flare jeans... of course I voted for the skinnies... les see how this contest goes :)

Vote for my look HERE

Guess jeans / vintage belt / GAP jacket


Oh yes!! Im a woman of multiple faces... I love costumes, BIG headpieces, and colorful clothes :)
here you have a few photos.

photo: andrea p.m

Some random pictures from my file :) 



I had a photoshoot yesterday with a dancer, it was fun to work with her , she is very professional , we get great photos here you have a few.

I have always love photography but I started it as a professional work a couple of months ago, Im still  discovery things, everytime you learn something new, its amazing how you can transmit love, passion, fun or so many other emotions with an image and the way you can create a magic place on post production, I can stay swimming in my sea of pictures and colors for hours and completely forget that the outside world exists , sometimes I even forget to eat, my body reminds me after many hours to do it.
Well enjoy and love what I do SO MUCH!

Stay close!! Thanks for reading :) watch more photos here


WINTER is here!

Hi everyone! I don´t know how colder is your city but here in México the weather is getting crazy, that´s not the bad thing, the problem is that the houses are not prepared for cold days...there is no heat inside the places, sometimes inside you are colder than outside ( believe it).  In few days Im leaving to Spain, for sure there will be really cold so I will get ready for that.


Birthday Night!!

I know.... it´s a bit late. Here you have the birthday look, I had so much fun :) it was a small thing with the people I love, my husband made cartoons of myself in each disposable cup so everyone could now which one was theirs ,  we had spinach pizza ( very good by the way).
I wanted this dress from American apparel for my birthday, and guess what? when I got there It was on SALE like a 90% discount it was a great birthday present , I bought few more things that I cant wait to show you.

Dress: american apparel / blazer: bershka / shoes : VOGUE 



Here you have some pictures of the last look! I couldn´t upload them yesterday  :(  

Dress: Friday Project / blouse : vintage /  Scarf : vintage Oscar de la Renta / shoes: Tommy H.

Birthday inspirations...

Hi there!! Im sooo happy , today is my birthday I have received a lot of presents ( i will show them in next posts ) love them all :) I have a picture for now, i will upload more tomorrow because my guests are coming in few minutes. ( I should be preparing everything insted of writing on my blog, but I cant pass the day without posting :) ....



Its always a pleasure to talk about such a talented people, here you have a few photos of a pair I admire very much. In one side " Lady GAGA" unique, with strong personality, creative, risk taking, passionate, hard worker and many other qualities that make her who she is now, on the other hand my favorit photographer David Lachapelle, I had the opportunity last year to visit his exposition at mexico city it was just amazing, huge size images from ceiling to floor carefully taken, edited and printed I love his work! 
Thats why I wanted to share with you some photos he took to GAGA. ( I know you have seen them before, but I wanted to put them all together in my blog)

photos by David Lachapelle visit his website here

Is getting colder!!