BACK on Vintage!

Hi everyone! I know I have been a very bad blogger, two weeks without a post is to kill me !! ...
As you know I moved this month and stablishing myself  in another country wasnt as easy as I thought, finally today I got internet to check out my mails and of course make a POST.

Im wearing a vintage brown blouse and a long skirt I love the big pockets on it. My favorit accesory is the bag, I got it from an old woman in Guatemala is all handmande, the little dolls in it are called in spanish " quitapenas " you are supposed to be placed  under your pillow and they will take your worries out during the night, isn´t it great?

I will be around, I promise! :)

vintage blouse, belt & skirt / handmade bag/ VOGUE boots 

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