Oh America!

There is a special beauty on the 50s - 60s aesthetics, the colors, furniture, women clothes and hairdos, architecture, the cars <3 , in a word everything! maybe in another life I was born at that time. 
Today I wanted to make a special tribute to America on those beautiful years.. actually Im not wearing vintage clothes, except for the scarf, Im a 2012 /1950s americana. 
Last year I made a mini shooting inspired on Lucille Ball, check it out here.

Vintage Scarf / Chicwish Skirt

Giant Vintage retro Inspired sunglasses

Blanco (old) collar 

Retro Images via We heart it 

Encuentro especial belleza en la estética de los 50s -60s, los colores, muebles, la ropa y peinados de las mujeres, la arquitectura, los coches <3 bueno en una palabra todo! tal vez en otra vida nací en esa época. 
Digamos que el post de hoy es un pequeño tributo a esos maravillosos años de America.. de hecho hoy no llevo ropa vintage , excepto por el pañuelo, soy una americana 1950 versión 2012. 
Os acordáis de estas fotos del año pasado, inspiradas en Lucille Ball.

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Luciapink dijo...

Wooooooooooooooooow!!!! Me encanta tu outfit!! Y la falda es preciosa!!
Besoos xxxx

Sadie dijo...

I love the scarf! You look amazing :) xx

Ana Pizarro dijo...

OH adoro tu estilo Aminta, eres to un geni, me encanta el pañuelo modo de turbante, lo adoro y las gafas... prefectas, me encantas y me sorprendes cada día mas con tus estilismos y con tus entradas. EN serio gracias por tener un blog tan maravilloso, te deseo toda la suerte del mundo. un besoo

Unknown dijo...

muy cool vintage look.. me encanta como traes el cabello sobre todo.. saludos!!!

Mrs. D dijo...

Great post! I love the 50's retro style and you update it beautifully! The lady dragons with the pompoms are adorable, I might be tempted to get me some too!

AS for the software recommendations you were asking me for... I am using Paint.net which is a free software. I find it very limited because I used to work professionally as a colourist (did some stuff for Marvel Comics, for example, while working at a studio) and as you can imagine it was a lot more complex than what you saw on my blog. I think that your frustration with Photoshop might be the case of not knowing all the tricks (I don't know all of them but I did learn a lot when I was working with it and I ended up enjoying it a lot) and because of that you may not be using it to its full potential. It's a great software with millions of possibilities! I would suggest that you try and follow a few tutorials, that usually helps.
I can also recommend Corel Paint, it' s a fun software that mimics real materials- the finished work can look like charcoal, felt tips, oils, pastels, you name it and you can even change the way it looks by choosing different supports- canvas, papers, etc. With the advantage of the ctrl+z option, which you don't really have in real life!

Hope this is helpful to you and let me know how you get on!

Anónimo dijo...

this skirt is beautiful!!!!

i love it!




Hilla Hryniszyn dijo...

you look fabulous as a retro chic :)

Boheme.Fille dijo...

I love that period too! Your shoes and collar are fantastic!

tanaya dijo...

Thanks so much for your sweet comment. This is such a great look, I am super inspired by it...Love the way you have worn your scarf. x

tanaya dijo...

Thanks so much for your sweet comment...Love this look, such a great way to pay tribute to that era, I am super inspired. Love the way you are wearing your scarf.


Constance dijo...

this skirt is so gorgeous!!

Unknown dijo...

Creo que voy a tener que ponerme mas a menudo mis Melissa, por que veo que se llevan mucho e zapato tipo de goma :))

Anónimo dijo...

LOOOVE that skirt!

XO Sahra

PisaPisuerga dijo...

qué cuello mas bonito! mira que era bonita la estética de esos años...


burbujitabebe dijo...

Me encanta la falda y el pañuelo queda genial de turbante!!!
Besitos guapa!

Unknown dijo...

me encanta los zapatos very creative=)

Unknown dijo...

Loving your crop top!! I love those kinds of tops for summer and your head scarf is so pretty! :)


Sara Podsecki dijo...

You look great! I'm too, a huge vintage lover! :)

following. :*