Rome II

Pictures + Roman adventures .... No free internet at the hotel and no time to stay connected really. Rainy days . Flowers and tourists everywhere . The metro sucks :( .  Pizza + pasta + gelato . colorful outfits . and a lot of fun :) .  

As you can see Sergio didn´t come with me.. I miss you babe <3 ....thanks to the lovely tourists around Rome that took me these pictures :) 

Vatican City 

La Piedad, at the Vatican City

At the Coliseum people was taking pictures at me for my colorful outfit and mostly for my daddyz tights... I was asked 19 times ( I counted them ) if they were tattoos ! Can you believe it? 

Roma - aventuras - fotos - turistas - Pizza + pasta + helado - El metro es una pesadilla - Looks coloridos  ( los míos claro ) - No tengo internet gratis en el hotel y la verdad tampoco mucho tiempo jejee.. me lo estoy pasando genial. 

Como podrán ver mi amado Sergio no pudo venir conmigo... te extraño !! Gracias a los turistas que me han tomado algunas fotos jejeje... 

Mañana a levantarse prontito!! Besooos..... 

11 comentarios:

Andi Cui dijo...

Que fotos tan chulas!
Tu look me encanta!
Pasatelo GENIAL!



Unknown dijo...

I love the first photo. Looks like you had tons of fun :)

halfwhiteboy dijo...

at least you got some people to take your photos :)


Elle @ (Eat.Style.Play) dijo...

i was there this time last year!!

Claudia Paola dijo...

Look at all these beautiful pictures you are taking!!! I love that one of you in front of the Coliseum! Ugh but I know the metro in Rome is soooo gross. We complain about it allllll the time. And it's so funny, they keep trying to build more subway, but every time they excavate, they run into ancient ruins, and they have to stop the construction because it becomes an archeological site! Haha!

Mariana Glez dijo...

Roma que genial Aminta.!!!!
Disfruta mucho tu viaje,descansa y pasala de lujo....
:)Con ansias espero ver muchas más fotografías.
Un beso linda.

dory dijo...

Genial conjunto para Romear :D
Tienes el toque irónico perfecto.

Mrs. D dijo...

Beautiful stuff! You look liek you're having a blast. Rome is so beautiful, I'm actually jealous eheheh

Have a great time sweetie!!!!

Milena dijo...

Qué guapaaa y colorida, qué bonitas las fotos... muchos besos y qué lo pases estupendo!

Luna Tiger dijo...

I'm happy to discover your amazing blog ! I loooove your style and all your colors !
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Unknown dijo...

Yo tambien he pensado que eran tatuajes Aminta, jajaja.
Me encanta Roma!