2 colors!

After 4 days styling the same dress I wanted something different. This blouse is on sale at my shop HERE, is the only one so you better run for it if you like it . Only € 30 Free Shipping worldwide :) 

American Apparel skirt, vintage blouse, merona socks, blanco shoes

Después de 4 días con el mismo vestido ya me apetecía algo diferente. Esta blusa esta a la venta en mi tienda AQUI, es la única asi que si os gusta debéis correr a por ella . Por solo € 30 y envío gratis :) 

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mispapelicos dijo...

Me encanta tu blusa, pero la falda , ahhhhhhhhhhhh fabulosa. Hija es que tengo fijación con las faldas, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Mischel double W dijo...

<3 love it, absolutely <3


The Disco Pony Girl (CEO and Designer at Disco Pony) dijo...

You are the most lovely thing! Thank you soo much for that comment! It made me smile so much! I certainly don't rule, but it's nice you think so!!! I love your blog, you have some amazing looks! Love and love
Zoey xxxx

Kristie dijo...

So cute! My favorite is the ribbon bow around the neck. :)

FashionAndMe dijo...

I found you on lookbook.nu and am now in LOVE with your blog also! :)

Flavia Alessandri dijo...

Hi Aminta! Thank you for the lovely comment left on my picture on Chicisimo. I was curious and come visit your blog, I confess I was delighted, it's beautiful! You develop a good work here. I'll be following you where to go.
In terms of today's post, I enjoyed the construction of the look, love that caramel color is a neutral color that fits all. The oxford is amazing!
When you have a chance, take a look at my blog, it will be very welcome! Great kiss from a new fan! Kisses ~.~ Flávia

Lula Closet dijo...

Es genial!


Saskia dijo...

You look amazing!! I love your skirt, it's so cute! And thank you so much for you comment! It's sure a very comfortable dress, haha. It really makes me feel like spring! :)

Big love,

Chicca dijo...

Love,love,love this outfit!!!Stunning look and your shoes are to die for.

Unknown dijo...

This is very strange I JUST now saw these incredible images on Hypeed and voted them a perfect score and here I find them on your blog...they are utterly inspiring and amazing. Your hair, the skirt, the blouse the little bow tie detail...it is simply divine xxx

ChiccaStyle dijo...

Love,love,love this outfit!!!Stunning look and your shoes are to die for.